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IBM and the USGA

And the Customers Go Wild

For the last two years, IBM and the United States Golf Association have transformed USOPEN.com to bring the excitement of the U.S. Open to golf fans. For 2010, we've made the web-site even more engaging. In addition to a video console that lets fans follow Live action in near-HD quality, this year's USOPEN.com features an interactive Play Tracker a data-rich application with scores, statistics for each player and the full field of competitors; The application will also feature a "Heat Map" of the course that indicates the holes playing above, at, or below par.

With live-streaming of the action to smart phones and real-time score updates golf fans will be able to experience the U.S. Open wherever they are and like never before.

Over the past 50 years, IBM has extended its business and infrastructure solutions into entertainment and professional sports. And for the last three years, IBM has partnered with the USGA. Through this partnership, IBM brings the same technology expertise and innovation it provides to businesses all over the world to the USGA and golf's national championship.

IBM looks forward to collaborating with the USGA beyond the 2010 U.S. Open Championship as the USGA continues to strengthen the game of golf to meet the needs of their members, member clubs and business partners.

For more IBM video's (link to youtube.com/ibm)

For more IBM video's (link to youtube.com/ibm)

For more IBM video's (link to youtube.com/ibm)


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