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Friday, June 19, 2009Peter Hanson
Peter Hanson

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Q. Considering you qualified here, it took you a hole‑in‑one to get here and here you are, clubhouse leader.

PETER HANSON: Of course, when I made that hole‑in‑one over in Walton Heath, London, of course, it felt like fate to get here and just trying to tell myself to get everything out of it.

Q. When you come in under circumstances like that, is there maybe a different mentality coming in, like you have nothing to lose?

PETER HANSON: I don't know. This is my third U.S. Open now and I've been playing some of the majors and I was really disappointed to just miss out on the Masters this year. I missed with two or three spots on the World Ranking. It felt so nice to get in this one.

Q. How does it feel to be on this half of the draw?

PETER HANSON: It's a great draw for us. Playing conditions today were absolutely fantastic, and I'm very amazed to see the course as dry as it is, and it's only one fairway that's a little bit wet. But the rest of the golf course is just fantastic.

Q. Very many mud balls out there?

PETER HANSON: No, I think I had maybe one or two, but I was expecting a lot worse.

Q. The birdies on the holes where they made some changes to bring in some more interesting golf course design aspects, can you tell us about your birdies on 8 and 9 and did you cut the corner?

PETER HANSON: Yeah, it was nice to get those two birdies. I dropped shots on 5 and 7, the two long par 4s there, and 4‑under, losing two, and if I can get two good opportunities on the last two, and I managed to hit a 7‑iron to about four feet on 8 and then I stiffed a wedge on the last.

Of course it was fantastic to get back into it.

Q. Unique circumstances, going out thinking that you have the lead and do you have to protect the lead or what is your mind‑set?

PETER HANSON: No. It's only first round and everyone knows it's always good to be in a good position after day one, but everybody knows you want to be there Sunday afternoon coming into the back nine with a chance to lead.

It's nice to stand in front of you guys, of course, so it's good. Going to get something to eat and then get ready and hopefully we get 9, 10,11 holes in.

Q. Some of the guys felt it was unfortunate, not playing this afternoon, the way the golf course was playing.

PETER HANSON: Definitely, there's no doubt about that. If we get this kind of weather the rest of the day and get up tomorrow and it's nice again, it's a great chance.

18, when everything comes down the hill, that's the only one I felt was a little bit wet.

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