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Friday, June 19, 2009Mike Weir
Mike Weir

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Q. 63 on your mind out there today?

MIKE WEIR: It really wasn't. I didn't think much about it. I was just in one of those days where I was so focused on what I was doing, had a great feel and just wanted to kind of let it ride. I had a great feel with all my irons, and I didn't really give much thought to the score at all.

So it was just one of those days that I was in a good place.

Q. On a day like this and a course like this where things are wet and starts to favor the longer guys ‑‑

MIKE WEIR: Well, the course is playing longer, but as I was saying earlier, in 2003, the year that I won the Masters, we were rained out Thursday and it played really, really long and everybody talked about the long players are going to have a big advantage.

But you know, I think all of us, medium‑length hitters think that we can compete and if we hit some longer irons and longer rescue clubs into the greens the greens are soft enough to hold those. If it was firm conditions and we were hitting those clubs it would be more of a disadvantage than wet conditions like this. It's not as big of a factor as if maybe if it was firmer.

Q. Anything different about your game plan between 2002 and now and in particular to 8 and 9?

MIKE WEIR: No, there's nothing. It was just ‑‑ 8, I had a 7‑iron, 164‑yard shot. My iron play was just good today. I didn't make any changes to strategy.

9, they had the tee up for us today so I hit a drive and a 9‑iron today. Those holes will probably play a little different as the week goes on.

But the course overall, it's amazing the job the staff did to get though place. It was just incredible. Look I'm wearing white shoes and they were hardly dirty at all. It was amazing from what I saw in the pictures yesterday what the weather was.

Q. Feel good to be leading the first round?

MIKE WEIR: It's nice but doesn't mean a whole lot. It's a great feeling, but at the same time, it's such a long week, the U.S. Open. Even when I made the double out there, I told myself, something like this is going to happen through the course of the week, and will probably happen again, and you just have to be able to bounce back again. That's the mentality now. I'm in the lead now but there's a long way to go.

Q. How much of an advantage is it to go out in your half of the draw and again to have the benefit of these conditions?

MIKE WEIR: Definitely, our side of the draw, I really got an advantage. And that's the way it works out sometimes, our side definitely had a big advantage; for us to be able to play in nice conditions all day like this is huge.

Q. How fortunate do you feel to go back out immediately?

MIKE WEIR: It's an advantage to keep going and finish the round nicely with a couple birdies and we have a little bit of a break here, about an hour, and get a little fuel and go warm up again and get ready to go.

Q. What is it about the adjustments you make that allows you to play well in soft conditions?

MIKE WEIR: I'm not sure what it is. Like Pebble Beach, I've always seemed to play well at. I don't know. Maybe the bumpier greens for some reason. I don't know if I just happen to have the right loft on my putter. I seem to always putt these type of greens well, and I think obviously I made a lot of nice putts today, but I'm not sure about the wet conditions. I don't really make any adjustments at all.

I guess one thing I did is that in my baggy switched out my regular 3‑iron to a TaylorMade rescue type 3‑iron, a little more hybrid club to get it up in the air which helped.

Q. Anything in your mind‑set ‑‑

MIKE WEIR: Nothing in my mind‑set, no, mind‑set is you don't want to be in the wet rough. In the meantime get a few good breaks and had some nice lies, it's just one of those days that everything went my way.

Q. How many times did you use the rescue today?

MIKE WEIR: I used it probably three or four times. I used it on 15 up the hill out of the rough and made birdie and used it on 17 and almost made a birdie and on 3 made a birdie with it. Club was good to me today.

Q. With a round like that under your belt and an hour to play and start the second round of a major championship, what's mind‑set there, that's an unusual circumstance, isn't it?

MIKE WEIR: It is, but similar again to 2003. That's exactly what I had to do that year. We got done with the round, we had a little break and then right back out there.

So mind‑set is good and we have got a nice break because it's perfect conditions and when you're playing well, you just want to keep playing so it's good for me.

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