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Saturday, June 20, 2009Rickie Fowler
Rickie Fowler

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Q. Do you feel like you got bad luck on your side of the draw?

RICKIE FOWLER: Well, we obviously did but you kind of have to go with what you get and you're going to get good breaks and bad breaks, and we just got the short end of the stick this week.

Q. Where do you go from here?

RICKIE FOWLER: I go up to Travelers next week [in Hartford], another week with these [PGA Tour] guys and then get some time off.

Q. You said that you were going to return to OSU?

RICKIE FOWLER: Still not sure. I have [U.S. Amateur] Public Links [in Norman, Okla.] and Nationwide in Columbus, so I still have some stuff to play before then.

Q. What did you think compared to last year?

RICKIE FOWLER: Today played easier than last year. Thursday played harder than last year. Greens are decent, [you] get a few spike marks or footprints here and there. Greens are rolling good. I didn't really get my mud balls. Mud is not sticking to the ball, it just kind of pops off. Most part, knock it in the fairway and if it lands there, stays there and go at the pins.

Thursday didn't really get any mud balls because it was not wet enough, yet. But the hard part with me is I drove it in the rough quite a bit, and even if I hit it in the fairway, it was tough on those long holes. And in the rough, today, you could kind of get away with it. We played yesterday morning, we could get away with it a bit. We could get some mid‑irons on it and a couple of times I was able to knock it on the green. Thursday I had no chance. With that much water and the thick grass, I mean, chop out and just play it as a par 5.

Q. The things you struggled with the first round, did you get it fixed?

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I got a bit of practice in, and I did some more thinking after the round on Thursday and then came out and hit a few shots on the range before the round Friday morning when we finished.

Was kind of just working on stuff actually on the course and then got about an hour of practice in afterwards. So I felt pretty good going into today. Like I said, hit it a lot better, drove it a lot better.

I think I hit 10 fairways and 13 greens. First day I hit four fairways and maybe 10 or 11 greens. So greens, I was able to hit it a little closer just because I was in the fairway.

Q. You practice and you prepare for one type of condition and you get the other; you just suggested you go ‑‑ do you have to change your mindset or how exactly does that work?

RICKIE FOWLER: You have to hit solid shots and you still have to hit fairways and greens. It just makes the course play harder if you miss your shots. Unfortunately on Thursday, that's when I was missing some shots, and suffered the consequences.

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