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Sunday, June 21, 2009Mike Weir
Mike Weir

Player Bio

MIKE WEIR: Get some better shots on the last few holes. All week struggling with the driver. Felt I got away with a lot of things second round even though we did it, but that was the second round. Today it cost me, just not driving it low enough. Everything else I get up on the fairway seem I get a good birdie putt at it but not hitting the fairway enough.

Q. Does it seem like this is sort of never going to end?

MIKE WEIR: Does seem like that. It's pretty hot. It's a strange feel for a U.S. Open this week. Keeping the greens so soft and you are not seeing balls bounce over the greens and fairways and having the shape you need. It's just bust it down there and also worry about the balls ‑‑ just a different feeling.

Q. How far has it been to develop a rhythm with the weather?

MIKE WEIR: It's really hard.

Q. Some of the players, maybe some of the inexperienced ones, at some point you realize it's not the "Long Island Open"?

MIKE WEIR: I don't feel I'm discouraged by any stretch of the imagination. Got some shots in the fairway and I can build on that and get some momentum going and actually make a few putts. I didn't make anything. That was it. I just couldn't buy one today. If I can get a little bit going, who knows.

Q. Were you okay, you looked like you were shaking?

MIKE WEIR: I just got a stinger there, got shot up to my elbow lasted a hole or so. Seemed to go away.

Q. What happened exactly?

MIKE WEIR: I was in that hay and I had to take a big swing.

Q. Did the scores seem to calm down a little bit today?

MIKE WEIR: It was harder for sure. I played long. Shoot, hit 3‑wood into three par‑4s out there. A number of deep rescues again. Played long again. Couple of mud balls right there. It's really wet. Did a great job. It's really wet.

Probably what it's going to be. It's going to be time to go work and practice and hopefully take advantage of those couple of holes and maybe sneak a birdie or two in and come back, who knows what, maybe two or three, who knows, maybe four. So we'll see. I want to go at it those first couple of holes.

Q. You had some good ones?

MIKE WEIR: Par 2s. 7, I hit it left there and I had it all laying down against me and just my club just stopped right in there.

Q. When you made that birdie you took a huge ‑‑ like ‑‑

MIKE WEIR: It was a 3‑wood into 6. It's a long golf course. I had a lot of those. Had some good ones. Had a nice one on 12, 240 something. Got a good look at it. Good look on 13, good look on 17 and 18, just kind of burned the edge. So if I could have got a couple of those I could be right back to 4, 5, but still I could get off to a good start. I'm going to need a really good start and get some momentum going and get a good feeling on the greens. Never know.

Q. Do you feel like you have a good chance, the guys at the top of the leaderboard have less experience?

MIKE WEIR: Yeah, I do. You never know. They might go out and shoot even par round and then we probably don't have much of a chance. But I think if I can play really well there's maybe a 4 or 5‑under out there and when it's all said and done, you never know.

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