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Sunday, June 21, 2009Fred Funk
Fred Funk

Player Bio

FRED FUNK: My only birdie today I had a very good tee shot on No. 17. We're reading inside left, I started right at the hole and somehow kept tripping over left and crawling in the hole. I was already passed the hole and watched it go in. Thought I missed it the whole way. Made fun of it. Putts went in.

Q. You're still having fun out here with everything that's gone on this week, the delays, the rain, the course conditions. How do you continue with that?

FRED FUNK: I've got to laugh at it because it's too much for me.

Q. You've seen other conditions; describe these?

FRED FUNK: It's been a brutal week. What makes it even more difficult is just that shuttle to 10, just 10 is so inaccessible. It makes it so tough for everybody to get out there. They had to change tee times because of how much time it's taking for people to get back and forth.

It's been a big issue. And, yeah, there's a lot of mud balls ‑‑ there's issues with mud on the ball right now. And you don't have much control of that. That's always upsetting to me, I think, when you want to showcase the skills of the players and you get a mud ball and you have zero control of the golf ball and on this kind of golf course you can end up in some bad spots.

I had one particular one on 15 today, just took a hard turn in high grass and make double from here. So I didn't do anything wrong but everybody's ‑‑ I don't know if it makes it fair, I don't know.

Q. Is anything different about the New York crowd, anything than at home?

FRED FUNK: There's these crowds and there's New York crowds. They're just a little more animated, to say the least, they can get pretty loud. Some of them just want to make themselves heard.

If you had a tape recorder and you taped them and played them back when they were sober they would probably think how much of a (jerk) they are but they don't seem to really care.

Q. Have you heard any funny lines?

FRED FUNK: There's some funny lines.

Q. Maybe one you can repeat?

FRED FUNK: Hey, "funk you." They're calling me that. I've heard it before. I heard it before. I heard it in Phoenix a lot. And then when I missed a green, "you funked up."

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