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Monday, June 22, 2009Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

Player Bio

Q. How does it feel?

NICK TAYLOR: Good. You know, the last couple of rounds didn't go as I planned or hoped, but the whole week was pretty awesome, and to be tied for 30th or whatever I am, and low amateur it looks like, it's pretty cool.

Q. The course obviously was tougher for everybody today. There was everybody backing up. What made it that way?

NICK TAYLOR: You know, most of the tees were back. The easy holes, they put the tees up so it wasn't that big of a deal, or the easier holes. And the tough holes, all the tees were back, and the wind was up.

So it was 7, I smoked driver, I smoked a 3‑wood just to get on the green. All of the long holes are playing really tough and into the wind, so it made it ‑‑ you had to hit just perfect shots pretty much to get on the green and make pars, nonetheless birdies, so it was tough.

Q. Finally see what this course was all about when they make it as tough as it can be, right?

NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, if this course was firm, it would have been scary how hard it would have been. We got pretty lucky with the rain. The delays kind of sucked, but for the conditions of the course to be the way they were, it was the easiest it could have played.

Q. When you sit back and think about playing, what do you think this week will do for your career?

NICK TAYLOR: I think it will do a lot. It will give me confidence of being able to play that well the first two rounds and shoot a low number on a U.S. Open course, playing with Sean and Rory the last two rounds, I learned a lot. Rory stripes the ball and hits it pretty good. Just to be able to watch him, and the shots they hit. It helps me a lot.

The rest of the summer to be able to work on things, it will be good.

Q. Did you pay attention to the group in front of you?

NICK TAYLOR: Yesterday we played nine holes in an hour and a half. Me and Rory flew through that, and we knew we were going to have to wait because they were taking their time.

You know, we watched them. We didn't see every shot, but we saw the scores for the most part, but it's playing tough for us, just playing out there, kind of the back of the group and for them to have all that pressure with the final group, it's got to be tough.

Q. What's your schedule now?

NICK TAYLOR: I've got Sahalee, Players Championship and U.S. Public Links and Canadian Open and U.S. Amateur.

Q. Go back to Washington?

NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, back to Washington in September.

Q. Like a full‑time golfer now?

NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, full‑time amateur golfer.

Q. Do you get to spend much time at home, or any?

NICK TAYLOR: A little bit, a week or two here and there but for the most part on the road.

Q. Did you get more shirts?

NICK TAYLOR: Ran out. Needed to do some laundry. Being here for ten days, not enough shirts.

Q. How long did the tournament seem?

NICK TAYLOR: About four weeks. It was long and it was grueling, but everybody had it, and it was just tough.

So it's happened before, and it's probably going to happen again. So just have to get used to it I guess.

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