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Monday, June 22, 2009David Duval (2009)
David Duval

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Q. What was this week like?

DAVID DUVAL: Long. Very long week. Very tiring week: Start, stop, up at 5:00 every day, walking through wet, heavy, long golf course. So tiring mentally and physically.

Q. You got yourself back into a position this day, after a down year, what's it meant to be out there be a part of the U.S. Open theater again?

DAVID DUVAL: It's what I want. It may be arrogance, but it's where I feel like I belong. And I was glad to come up here and hit the golf ball and control myself like I've been saying I've been doing, and how I've been talking about how I know I'm playing a lot better than my results have been showing.

I stand before you certainly happy with how I played, but extremely disappointed in the outcome. I had no question in my mind I was going to win the golf tournament today.

Q. After the triple, did you think, okay, I'm out of it or did you think, you know, this is sort of my career here, I know how to come back?

DAVID DUVAL: I don't quit. And I figured I had a par‑5 right there that I could maybe pick up two shots, definitely needed to pick up one.

And funny enough, I hit a really good shot it came off short and I had an awkward stance again.

Certainly couldn't equate it to being buried under the lip of a bunker, I was like, man, here we go again. I managed to get it up‑and‑down.

And then I caught a couple ‑‑ caught an awful mud ball over on 7 hit a beautiful drive on the fairway and the ball hooked 60 yards. So that hurt me a little.

But, you know, again, just keep moving forward and try to hit a quality shot on the next one and you never know when you're going to make a 50‑footer, and lo and behold, I made one on the next hole, 60 foot, up on 8.

So at that point I knew that somewhere in the neighborhood of 3‑, 4‑under was going to be a really good score. And that's what I was trying to do.

Q. You said the other day while you can draw upon things when things are going well for you but you can also draw upon the bad times now. And in that context, do you have a greater appreciation for being in this position now than you did, say, 10 years ago, 11 years ago?

DAVID DUVAL: Well, to me I don't know exactly how to answer if it's a greater appreciation, if it's simply recognize it more, which may fall into the category of being a great appreciation. I don't know exactly what to say about that.

I may have taken it a little bit for granted years ago. And having to work quite hard over the course of years; I guess the best way to put it, maybe, is I probably had a lot more fun out there in the heat of it, especially over there on the theater of 15 through 17, 18, than I've had on a golf course in a long time.

I was in the middle of the golf tournament trying to make birdies and I was just having a blast. So that probably qualifies as greater appreciation.

Again, I look back at what comes first, confidence or success. And I was gaining confidence while I was having little success. And it's very difficult to sit here and say second place is a failure. It is very much a success. It's not quite the success I had looked forward to this week and had hoped for, and in some way expected. But success, nonetheless. And therefore, even more confident. Even more confident in what I'm doing. So affirmation, possibly, we could equate it that way.

Q. How do you change your summer with the British and PGA; when do you expect to head back?

DAVID DUVAL: I'm headed back to Denver this afternoon. And I haven't been home in three weeks. I'm ready.

It doesn't change anything. I'll be playing at the John Deere the week before The Open Championship and, then I'll fly over for The Open Championship, and honestly after that, I have to look at the schedule. I don't know what goes on after that.

I'm assuming by you asking me that question, it certainly crossed my mind, but I'm assuming I get into the PGA now. I don't know either.

So, again, that's a week I hadn't had on my schedule. Had planned on getting there but hadn't done it. I don't know if I'm in or not. I don't know what exactly this does.

Q. How do you feel about Turnberry; have you played there?

DAVID DUVAL: Never have.

Q. Take us through 15 and 16.

DAVID DUVAL: 15, you could probably see on the television, actually I hit my drive and picked up my tee. I thought I piped it. Some gusts kind of knocked it over. And I was just hoping to have a reasonable lie and I got up there and had that. And hit the golf shot the next shot exactly where I was aiming. Left kind of up, left‑center of the green where the slope is.

It came off just perfect. And I had maybe 14 feet for birdie, something like that. It broke about, you know, 10 or 12 inches to the right.

And then on 16 I just piped it and hit an 8‑iron to about, oh, 10 feet and had a straight downhill putt that I rolled in.

Q. What did you hit on 7?

DAVID DUVAL: I was trying to hit a low 4‑wood.

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