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Monday, June 22, 2009Michael Sim (2009)
Michael Sim

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Q. Were you worried about the decision to play 7 last night?

MICHAEL SIM: I was going to stop but turns out I was back out there this morning, straight into the wind. Not be able to reach the green. But I might have lost a shot by finishing out.

But that's just a decision made at the time. I was playing a lot. I had a bit of momentum on the right side of the ball.

Not really; no, it's not that big of a deal.

Q. Were you able to play the hole?

MICHAEL SIM: No, I should have stopped. When I'm by the sign, I normally stop and just the conditions are right. Besides a little mud on the ball, the conditions are right and I played on where probably shouldn't. And straight in the wind, might have got to the green.

So I probably lost a shot there. But I made some putts the back nine and it was great.

Everyone's going for him (Mickelson), and it's loud out there. I think if you don't enjoy, it you won't play well.

It's a great way to play. It was nice to play big irons, nice shots. Had fun.

It's going to be history. Tiger made two birdies in a row and hit a great iron shot on 15, and I guess just the wind didn't affect it and it went long. I was watching that shot go in I thought it was going to be like six feet. No reaction from the crowd. I thought it was short and it was long. Lucky right there.

Q. If you're a spectator out there ‑‑

MICHAEL SIM: Making that double and bogey on 9, everything, it was great to see. The major, I won the tournament. I wasn't a spectator. I started going out doing my game. I was a little nervous. Shocked, really wasn't. I felt I handled myself well, and the next hole we'll play will be ready.

Q. Maybe one day Tiger Woods will tell his grandchildren that he played with Michael Sims in his first major tournament.

MICHAEL SIM: I don't know about that.

Q. What did you learn from him, apart from obviously he struck the ball very well on that back nine. But did you learn anything about the way he composed himself going in?

MICHAEL SIM: He was pretty quiet there. And every time we hit, never hits a shot when he's not ready. It takes him 30 seconds, takes him a minute; every time he goes in there it's a rough shot, he gets focused. That's one area I'm working on right now to become more focused and watching the best player firsthand, I know what I've got to do.

Q. The work you've been doing with Angel, do you think that holds you in good stead?

MICHAEL SIM: Definitely. Definitely helps a lot. Spoke to him last night, after making that double on 7, I was really flat. And just hung in there. Made some putts.

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