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Thursday, June 17, 2010Brendon de Jonge Media Center Interview

BETH MURRISON: We're joined with Brendon de Jonge here at the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. Brendon shot a 2‑under 69 today. A fine round. Great way to open here. You're one of the co‑leaders. Talk a little bit about your play and how you found the course today.

BRENDON DE JONGE: The course was extremely difficult. No, I also played well, but had a lot go my way as well, which I think is key on a day like today.

BETH MURRISON: Would you mind going through the birdies and bogeys on your card for us.

BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah. I hit a good drive down 6. Hit a 4‑iron just in the right fringe and 2‑putted there for birdie.

I made about a 12‑footer on number 7.

Made about a 12‑footer down the hill on No. 9.

I made a real soft bogey on 10 and 11.

I 3‑putted 10 from just above the hole.

Hit a sand wedge in the front bunker on 11.

I didn't get it up‑and‑down from just short of the green on 13.

Then I holed my third shot for an eagle on 14. Which was obviously a bonus.

Then hit a nice high 4‑iron into 17 to about three feet short of the hole there and again a nice must have had a good bounce to get there. Another nice bonus.

BETH MURRISON: Had you ‑‑ when have you a great shot like that on 14 is it hard to get your emotions in check? Do you sort of have to calm yourself down?

BRENDON DE JONGE: I think you need to take a step back and let it all sink in and then get going again.

Q. Great round. U.S. Opens always are about patience. You had a little bit of a roller coaster day though. Would you regard yourself as a patient player who can regroup very quickly?

BRENDON DE JONGE: I'm getting better. I wouldn't regard myself as patient, but I'm certainly working on it and starting to get better at it.

BETH MURRISON: Your practice rounds here this week, did you think that you might be able to record this sort of round? Are you surprised by today?

BRENDON DE JONGE: Sure, I'm obviously a little bit surprised. I've been here I think four or five times now, obviously not with the U.S. Open setup. And I always loved this place, everything that goes along with it, and I find that it's easier for me to kind of calm myself down if things are going bad, start going bad, just take a look out to the west and see what you got over there. And that's very tough to beat.

Q. When you were on the greens today what was your confidence level reading your putts and standing over the ball?

BRENDON DE JONGE: I felt pretty good for the most part. Obviously playing later in the day they got a little bit bumpy. You try and hit most solid putt you can and kind of leave it in the hands of the golf gods from there. But it's the same for everyone.

Q. What will you say to yourself tonight knowing that you're one of the could he leaders of the U.S. Open heading into tomorrow morning?

BRENDON DE JONGE: Obviously it's got a pretty cool ring to it, but the biggest thing for me will be to put today's round behind me and come out tomorrow morning and start fresh.

BETH MURRISON: Thank you very much for joining us and congratulations again on your wonderful play today.

BRENDON DE JONGE: Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

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