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Thursday, June 17, 2010Scott Langley
Scott Langley

Player Bio

Q. Just general comments about your first U.S. Open round?

SCOTT LANGLEY: Obviously not the scoring I wanted starting out the day, but happy with the round today my last nine holes. It was tough. I struggled all day. There weren't any easy holes. There were some you could make birdie, but at the same time, good shots were making bogey. I tried to hang in there.

Q. Change anything tonight, anything that's in your bag?

SCOTT LANGLEY: No, I just have to slow it down a little bit. I was a little quick early, just with everything. I just have to slow it down a little bit and try to settle in.

Q. Your putts 5 through the 8 holes at that time thinking, oh, no, or are you thinking you're going back to those birdies on the front that I didn't get to?

SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, I didn't really panic. I tried to stay in the moment, I guess. I gave myself some chances to make birdies. I knew I would make a couple. I gave myself a few more chances on the front than I did on the back. On the back I just didn't get it on the green. I felt like I was in jail a few times on the back nine.

So I just started playing a little smarter and tried to put the ball in in better position.

Q. How tense were you on the first hole, did the moment hit you?

SCOTT LANGLEY: I wasn't that tense. I didn't hit a very good drive on the first hole, but I hit the fairway. So that was good. I wasn't too nervous. I've been at it for a few days. I've gotten used to the situation, the course, the fans.

Q. That was my next question, how intimidating are the galleries?

SCOTT LANGLEY: It's fine. It's pretty fun.

Q. Any surprises about the course from the practice rounds?

SCOTT LANGLEY: Not really. The greens were not in very good shape. They were pretty chewed up. That's kind of what you expect in the afternoon. They're bound to be a little bumpy. You miss the green ‑‑ you've got a tough championship, first of all, and you give yourself a lot of 5 footers and you know it's going to be a long day. So you try to hit a lot of greens on the front nine.

Q. Regardless of the score, toughest golf course you've played after this round?

SCOTT LANGLEY: It's close. I can't think of a course that I played this firm. I never played a course that challenged me in this way. A lot of times it's way short of the pin ‑‑ it's a challenge for me. It's pretty tough.

Q. Did it make you nervous out there?

SCOTT LANGLEY: I was a little nervous on the first two shots. I mean every shot in the tournament, I wouldn't say I was nervous, but I knew I had to really focus to hit a good shot and put it in a good spot.

Q. Any trouble spots?

SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, I had to chip twice on three holes, because I whiffed my first chip on No. 10, my first hole. And then 17, I had to chip twice. 8, I had to chip twice.

Q. How did you whiff on your first chip?

SCOTT LANGLEY: It wasn't a great ‑‑ you had to be really precise.

Q. Are you going to play any different tomorrow?

SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting off first on the greens.

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