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Friday, June 18, 2010Graeme McDowell Flash Interview
Graeme McDowell

Player Bio

GRAEME McDOWELL: I was surprised to be under par at a U.S. Open golf course. No doubt about it. We got nice conditions this morning. The greens were a little bit more receptive for us. The wind took probably 12 holes to work up, and it was nice to play the back nine flat calm.

And I played really solid the last couple days, I kept may ball under control, pretty much. I got my emotions under control. I got a little frustrated yesterday. The you can't do that the second you go chasing, the second this place beats you up. So I was really happy that I played under control golf today.

Q. Talk for a second about that 3‑putt on your final hole the ninth, which actually looked to me like a very good 3‑putt.

GRAEME McDOWELL: For sure. No. 9, in practice I said that to that right pin I was going to leave it short of that green. Today in that cross wind the front of that green just looked so narrow, so I really tried to hit like a really big high cut into the middle of the green there and just pulled it a little and got above that hole, and the second you get above the hole out here they just fly.

You're in big, big trouble, and I kind of felt like I hit the first one a little too hard and hit it off the green and you get a little frisky with the one back, and all of a sudden you've got that length for a 3‑putt and you're thinking, geez, don't 4‑putt this thing, but I was really happy to get out there have with a five. You got to accept your bogeys around here because the second you get out of trouble around here you're in trouble.

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