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Saturday, June 19, 2010Tiger Woods NBC
Tiger Woods

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Q. A 66 today, but I suppose the more significant number is 31 on the backside. What got into you when you made the turn? You started off two bogeys in the first three holes and clearly had it to together on the back?

TIGER WOODS: I was just trying to get back to even par or 1‑over for the Championship. I thought that would be a nice place to end up. And I just happened to do a couple better than is that.

Q. Yeah, you absolutely did. Does confidence kind of build? You see that things are working, and it allows you to do some things that you might not have been able to do?

TIGER WOODS: I just kept telling myself it's a process, you've got to stay patient. This is a long haul, the U.S. Open and just keep plodding along. I made a couple key saves for par, one being at 9. You just got to just hang in there, and I did that.

Q. One of the more notable shots clearly on the back nine, your second shot at 18. It appeared to be an aggressive play. What was going through your mind as you're choosing that shot?

TIGER WOODS: It was just a holdy 3‑wood. I left a gap and just hold it. Just make sure I stay committed to holding it.

Q. So you go into tomorrow, or at least at this point, tied for third. You started the day tied for 25th, who knows what's going to happen here. Does this change your mindset at all, are you going to keep your foot on the gas, it's kind of unlikely ‑‑ this is the lowest score you've had in your comeback, and to have it under these conditions, somewhat unlikely?

TIGER WOODS: It's a U.S. Open. You've got to keep plodding along, all the U.S. Opens, all the ones that I've won, you have to have a nice stretch of nine holes, and that's what I did today.

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