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Sunday, June 20, 2010Greg Havret Flash Interview
Gregory Havret

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Q. Good playing.


Q. Are you surprised everybody was kind of back pedaling? You were sort of the calm one scoring wise amidst it all?

GREGORY HAVRET: Well, it felt good. I felt good all day long. Well, I don't know what to say. It's been a really good day, a really calm day.

I felt good. I just kept focusing on my game, my good points of the week. And, yeah I started very well, which is always nice to start with a three at the first and then another one later on. It's a shame I didn't manage to make other ones later on in the round.

But it's like that, yeah, I bogeyed 17.

Q. Talk about the one on 18?

GREGORY HAVRET: Well, that's a very bad putt. Probably the worst of the week. So it's like that. It's a right‑to‑left bit of a swing, those greens are obviously a little bit bumpy and quite firm. You don't want to make a big mistake hitting it too strong, and I probably looked at it a little bit too quick and then I pulled it.

Obviously I was quite happy to make the other one because that wasn't that short. And, yeah, I was expecting maybe a nicer surprise from the sky to make that playoff, but I didn't make it. I'm very happy for Graeme. He's a great player, and he really deserves it.

Q. Do you feel pretty good about the runner‑up position?

GREGORY HAVRET: Well, my feeling right now is it's probably the best surprise for me. So I'm very happy. But it's also the biggest disappointment. It doesn't mean I would have won because maybe a playoff and then see what happens.

But for sure, to play golf like this, compete for the title. Just before 17, 16 I was really playing fine and I had some opportunities and then nearly holed that long putt on 16, that shot on 17 was a little bit too much right, but down the middle of the club and it's a shame I didn't make that one up and down. It's a shame I didn't get up‑and‑down on the last.

So I'm obviously very happy. I need probably a couple of hours to ‑‑ don't know the word in English, but to get over it. Absolutely. And, yeah, I'll be very, yeah, I'll have a great night and some fantastic memories.

Q. A lot of players are intimidated playing with Tiger, but you seemed not to be.

GREGORY HAVRET: No, I was not. The job is the same. I mean it's, the golf course ‑‑ of course it's something different. You got the crowds so much for him, and everybody screaming his name all the way around during four and a half hours. My ears were, you know, repentful, but it's great. It's great. I look to see that in France and see these emotions, and it's not really the way we do it. It's more British type, you know. It's a bit more quiet. Which is nice too, but it's always fun for us to come over here and see this crowd, and that's the big difference.

Otherwise it's been very nice. We talked a bit and he's a great player. He didn't play good today, I was very glad to play with him to have the experience, and it will make me stronger, I hope.

Q. Obviously, it was a great week for you, but for Graeme to break the 40‑year drought of no European winners at the U.S. Open, you're from Europe as well, how does it feel?

GREGORY HAVRET: It's good. On the beginning of the week my French guys, journalist, French guys, they asked me, who do you think is going to win, and I said it's going to be a European guy. And when you were really used to those conditions first of all the links conditions, we play on many links during the year. Dunhill Links and Opens, obviously, and some other ones like even the French in two weeks time is a little bit of a kind of a links. And also the weather, it's really ‑‑ it's quite cold, quite windy, I mean it's ‑‑ there's a lot of things that we get used to. The rough is not silly. I mean you can play some shots, greens are hard and a little bit bumpy. I mean, we have this pretty much quite often, so, yeah, I mean, so yeah I'm very happy for Graeme, it breaks 40 years of hopes for Europeans, I came second, I'm quite happy to, so it's very exciting.

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