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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Rules Statistics Through Three Rounds

We had about 50 rulings in the third round, bringing the total to 168 reported rulings through 54 holes of the championship.

Holes 10 and 18 have provided the most action with 21 and 20 rulings, respectively. Many of the early holes have kept our referees busy as well. Here is a hole-by-hole breakdown of the number of rulings through three rounds:

Hole #Rulings

1 9

2 11

3 14

4 14

5 4

6 12

7 1

8 4

9 10

10 21

11 5

12 1

13 8

14 8

15 6

16 11

17 9

18 20

Not surprisingly, the most common rule in use is the Water Hazard Rule. It has been put into use 49 times. The USGA has a good Rules Animation that explains a player's option when taking relief under the Lateral Water Hazard Rule.

Another Rule which has been utilized often (36 times) is the Obstruction Rule as many players need to take relief from cart paths, drains, sprinkler heads and even plastic water bottles.

We had an amusing ruling yesterday when a seagull came by to pick up Brendon de Jonge's ball from the ninth fairway and flew away with it. The seagull dropped the ball about 30 yards away from where it originally lay. Brendon's referee correctly told him he could replace the ball from where it was picked up by the seagull. Just check out this link for more information.

I look forward to today's final round, good play and perhaps an interesting ruling or two!

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